Salesforce Managed Services

Maintain and optimise your Salesforce CRM.

Keep your system fast and flawless with expert-led Salesforce managed services.

reliable salesforce partner

Hand your Salesforce headaches to the experts

A highly-sophisticated platform that keeps users happy and ensures high levels of productivity. Our certified Salesforce administrators guarantee that tasks proceed and fiascos are deflected. With experience of supporting all Salesforce experience and versions, we provide long-term peace of mind.

Reliable Partner

Know you’re in the hands of a trusted Salesforce Partner.

Flexible Support

Receive tailored support agreement that meets your business needs.

Proficient experts

Utilise our in-house expert developers to adjust your CRM as needs change.

Practical services

Our support is more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff.

Mind-blowing ROI

Free your staff from IT headaches so they can focus on growth.

Lets construct a SLA that is tailored to your businesses needs

Salesforce Managed services

Hand your Salesforce headaches to the experts

Cloud Ursa's Managed Services are designed to ensure that your Salesforce Org is reaching its optimum potential and getting the most from your investments.

We know how hard it is to make decisions when your business is growing at a fast rate, this is why we offer you certified Salesforce consulting, Salesforce expertise and our customer success stories to make your decision making process easier.


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Even if Salesforce is working perfectly right now, there’s no guarantee that this will continue. Our Salesforce support services are the safety net for this critical business software—saving time, stress, and the cost of finding a specialist in the short term when something breaks.

But in addition to this disaster scenario, working with a Salesforce support partner will also improve the value of your Salesforce system on a daily basis. For example, we can tell you how to get more value for your business and sales process. We provide regular performance and safety tests to ensure that everything is running smoothly. And we’re going to help you make the software changes that will inevitably be needed as your business evolves.

This depends on the specific business requirements and regulations of each client. Typically, we’re going to make changes using remote support sessions, but we can also go through a designated user in your Salesforce org or log in through an existing account.

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