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We are a registered Salesforce consultancy, based in Cambridgeshire. We work with a range of customers across the UK and Europe and are registered partners of Salesforce.

We work with a wide variety of customers on Salesforce administration, configuration, application development, and end user training.

We have also worked with a huge number of organisations globally to deploy computer telephone integration (CTI), call handling, and case support.

Iain Clements, Cloud Ursa Director at a recent networking event
Iain Clements, Director at Cloud Ursa demonstrating our services at a recent I.T networking session. Photo credit: Katey Jane Photography

RingsTrue was created to assist our customers in validating new records they were creating in Salesforce each day. With RingsTrue we aim to solve the one particular challenge of keeping phone numbers correct in Salesforce once and for all.

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  • RingsTrue is a Salesforce application to format and validate your telephone numbers. Visit the RingsTrue section of our site to learn more!

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Outbound Message on Record Delete

A customer recently came to me with what sounded like a simple requirement. They wanted to send a Salesforce Outbound message when a record was deleted. This turned out to

Contact phone number intelligence during COVID-19 working

We hope all customers and suppliers are well and working through all of the challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic is giving us every day.This is just a short blog post

Salesforce to Amazon integration with Named Credentials

Salesforce integration to Amazon Background We recently worked on a project that required Salesforce to integrate with an Amazon Service. In this instance, the user accounts were synchronized between Salesforce

New 5 Star Appexchange review

We were delighted to receive this new review from customer DaySmart - thanks David! 

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Flow Builder + External Services = easy integration

Calling External Services After reading a recent blog called "INTRODUCTION TO EXTERNAL SERVICES" by Shruti Sridharan I was inspired to start looking at a good use case to start calling

Solar Panel Power needed! – Invitation To Tender

Tender Opportunity As part of the development of our new office building in East Cambridgeshire and in partnership with BEECP, we are welcoming tenders from companies to supply and install

De-duplicating Flow

Flow Builder for de-duplicating I recently had the opportunity to use the new Flow Builder for a customer project where the requirement was to check each new Lead added to

Salesforce Custom Login Flows

Controlling access to your Salesforce OrganisationI was recently working on a customer setup which had the following security access requirements:If someone tried to login to the environment via the Browser

Picture Synchronisation in Salesforce

"A picture is worth a thousand words" A newly launched Salesforce environment can be a daunting place. All those new records, objects, tabs to navigate around and processes to master.

CurrencyFair visit

CurrencyFair turbo charge their reporting on @NewVoiceMedia in @Salesforce It was a huge pleasure working recently with the team at Currencyfair in Dublin on a challenging Salesforce project. The project involved

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all customers, past, present, and future. Wishing you all a great Christmas and New Year. If one of your company's New Year's Resolutions is to improve Salesforce

Accurate phone information with RingsTrue. The features you need to know

Q. Can I call that phone number? Is that piece of information I can see inside of Salesforce useful to me? Can I actually reach that person if I tried

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Flexible Salesforce Support, whenever you need it

We are delighted to have recently launched our virtual Salesforce Support offering. You can read the full details of our new service by visiting this page or clicking the button

Why use RingsTrue?

Why use RingsTrue? Hello! I'd like to put forward a few reasons why you might want to consider using RingsTrue in your Salesforce environment. Do you use the telephone numbers

When it’s critical to have the correct phone number in Salesforce

When numbers count Most of the time I am discussing RingsTrue with commercial or government organisations. The primary use cases for these types of organisations tend to either be: How

Active Directory and Salesforce Synchronization

Getting systems to talk to one another... We have noticed on our most recent projects that customers increasingly wish to integrate external data sources into Salesforce. I believe this is

Blogged: Commenting out code with 100% coverage

Blogged: Commenting out code with 100% coverage Iain recently blogged about removing legacy code from Salesforce and improving test class coverage.You can read the full post here. Read the post

Connecting your AppExchange product to Stripe – when the 2 systems don’t/won’t sync

Salesforce provides several tools to any partner organisation who wishes to publish an app on their 'AppExchange'. The main listing page is: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/ These range of tools help you, the

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A great Summer of Salesforce

It's been a great summer so far at Cloud Ursa. We have recently finished up some really interesting projects with some great customers in a government department, an insurance broker,

Blogged: Missing Organization Feature: Chatter null

Cloud Ursa’s Iain Clements recently blogged on this unusual error message that appeared in a customer’s ORG. Click this link to read the full post: http://mysalesforcestuff.blogspot.com/2018/09/missing-organization-feature-chatter.html

Blogged: Compile all Triggers feature activation

Cloud Ursa's Iain Clements recently blogged about a Compile all triggers option in Salesforce - to read the post Click here. http://mysalesforcestuff.blogspot.com/2018/09/compile-all-triggers-feature-activation.html

We’ve been getting our pricing wrong! Opportunity (rather than cost)

A fascinating conversation with another successful Salesforce Partner last weekend prompted me to look afresh at our RingsTrue proposal templates. Thanks Emma! What we do now. Like many other Salesforce

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Blogged: Using SOQL Aggregate Results

Cloud Ursa's Iain Clements recently blogged about SOQL Aggregate Results - to read the post Click here. https://mysalesforcestuff.blogspot.com/2018/08/soql-aggregate-results.html

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Welcome! Oral Roberts University

We are delighted to welcome Oral Roberts University as a new RingsTrue customer! If you would like to know more about RingsTrue and how it can help your business please

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The Individual Object

Store all of your Customer Preferences in one place We have just finished a project that used the new Individual Object (recently developed by Salesforce) to give additional control to


Validating Lead Lists and Telephone Records in Salesforce with RingsTrue.

An introduction to RingsTrue, the new Salesforce App that keeps your telephone numbers formatted and validated.