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"Every 30 minutes, 75 numbers are updated in the average customer database"

- Dunn & Bradstreet

RingsTrue is a powerful Salesforce application for keeping your customer's telephone numbers formatted, validated and verified on the Salesforce Platform

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Validating Leads With RingsTrue

Validating Lead Lists and Telephone Records in Salesforce with RingsTrue

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FAQS ABOUT ringstrue

Understand RingsTrue

RingsTrue is a new and powerful Salesforce.com app that ensures phone numbers stored in your database are in the correct, internationally recognised format.

Storing your numbers in the internationally recognised format of E.164 makes it easier to call your customers as the country code will already be added.


Many numbers may be stored in your database in a local phone format such as: 02072918560.

This number can be dialled from within the same country but if you are ringing internationally we need to format it into E.164.

The country code for the UK where this number is from is +44.

Therefore the correctly formatted number should be +442072918560


If you are configuring RingsTrue in a Salesforce ORG with Lightning enabled you will need to activate a feature called My Domain before you can add our package custom components to it.



RingsTrue validates your Account, Lead, and Contact telephone numbers in Saleforce against an external database. The communication between the RingsTrue app and this database is via an API.


Yes. RingsTrue tracks each number that it updates and stores the old value before amending it. You can quickly restore the original number if you ever need to by looking at the RingsTrue history for that record.


RingsTrue first removes any formatting that isn’t allowed in a telephone number like hyphens, commas et cetera. Then it tests the number to see whether it is in service. If a country code is missing, RingsTrue guesses which country code is needed based on the location of your customer.

If the amended telephone number is still not correct (i.e not a valid telephone number even after cleanup), RingsTrue will leave the number as is and mark the record as ‘Not Verified’.


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