Good data at a glance

Clean data saves time!

During a recent client conversation, we were asked to explain the benefit of clean phone data in Salesforce and thought that a quick recap post would help.

How actionable is your data?

If you use Salesforce to call customers, or you bring up a customer’s file when receiving a call, chances are you’re either working from a Contact record or a Lead record.

How do you know if the information on that Lead or Contact is correct, particularly the phone number?

Without an app likes RingsTrue, you would only really know if a number is working when you call it.

Bad data – the silent timewaster

Imagine you have 10 employees trying to make 25 sales calls per day.

That’s 250 attempted calls per day as a team.

If only 10% (although our studies show a much higher average) of the numbers are incorrect, each employee will spend approximately 4 minutes editing the record / altering the name and re-attempting a connection. Time wasted.

Across the team, that's 40 minutes per day wasted by bad data in the system.

Now, multiply by 5 (for a weekly total) or by the number of days per month (month).

Now, imagine an app that takes that time lost away at a single click.


A tested Contact record

In the screenshot above we can see:

- Which phone numbers on the record have been tested and are of which type (landline/mobile)

- What the overall number status is = All Numbers Verified

- When the record was last checked