Customer Story – DaySmart Software use RingsTrue for customer connections

About DaySmart

DaySmart is a SaaS company providing scheduling and business management solutions for businesses across multiple industries such as Salon, Spa, Pet Grooming, and Tattoo industries.

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'I just set it up and that's it!'
David Adami
Salesforce Administrator

Contact information reliability

DaySmart are using RingsTrue in 3 main ways:

1. When marketing uploads prospect lists to Salesforce it helps us to see if the phone numbers provided are valid or not.

2. The Sales Team spends less time per lead knowing that the phone and mobile numbers are valid or not. We also have local and international leads so this helps on all fronts.

3. The call center phone system we use is integrated into Salesforce so when a customer calls in the system pulls up the proper account/contact/lead. RingsTrue has made that process better for the Sales and Success Teams.

We are delighted that DaySmart have selected RingsTrue for telephony validation within Salesforce.

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