Why use RingsTrue?

Why use RingsTrue?

Hello! I’d like to put forward a few reasons why you might want to consider using RingsTrue in your Salesforce environment.

  • Do you use the telephone numbers that are stored in Salesforce?

RingsTrue is useful if you use the telephone number fields in Salesforce – it formats and checks each of them and shows which of those customer numbers are actually working!

  • Do customers call you?

If customers call you directly RingsTrue helps by keeping all of your phone numbers in a consistent format. This helps finding their information record in Salesforce much easier. If you are using a Computer Telephony Integration tool like NewVoiceMedia, Natterbox, or 8×8, having RingsTrue format the number also improves the ‘matching’ of the record so your customer’s details load faster.

  • Do you call customers?

If you use Salesforce to call out to lists of prospective customers, then RingsTrue would allow you to prioritize calling ‘real’ phone numbers first – a huge time-saver.

  • Are you a non-profit?

We support non profit organisations with discounted pricing, please contact us to learn more.

  • What else do I need to know?

Our licence allows you to check as many phone numbers as you need – all you can eat model.

Support is included and custom integrations are possible – just ask!

  • Where do I start?

Why not sign up for a Free Trial of RingsTrue and take control of your phone numbers in Salesforce. Or you read through our full installation guide here.

Cover image from Pexels.com, artist Pixabay

Phone image from Pexels.com, artist rawpixel.com