When it’s critical to have the correct phone number in Salesforce

When numbers count

Most of the time I am discussing RingsTrue with commercial or government organisations.

The primary use cases for these types of organisations tend to either be:

  1. How do we improve our inbound customer service experience by formatting and validating phone numbers within our database?
  2. How can we increase the efficiency and number of outbound calls our sales teams can make by pre-testing and validating our phone numbers?

One new customer’s use case made me stop and appreciate the importance of good phone number information even more.

We have the pleasure of working with several great not for profit organisations and are proud supporters of the Salesforce Pledge 1% model. This means that we offer RingsTrue at a discounted rate for non profit organisations.

One recent non profit that I spoke to simply summed up their use case for RingsTrue as:

We need to know that we have a valid, working number for our student’s parents/guardians – it’s a vital part of our emergency response procedure

The customer arranges educational student breaks in the US. They purchased RingsTrue to ensure that they could contact their student’s family if needed.

We’ve really proud to help this organisation ensure that they can contact a family member at all times.

If phone numbers really count in your organisation and you’d like to discuss your own use case for RingsTrue then pleaseĀ Contact us.

Photo credit: Pexels, artist Tofros.com