The Individual Object

Store all of your Customer Preferences in one place

We have just finished a project that used the new Individual Object (recently developed by Salesforce) to give additional control to companies for handling marketing preferences and controls.

Why would you use this?

There has already been plenty of coverage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but suffice to say a lot of companies have recently reviewed their data handling approach.

The Individual Object gives you additional amount of control over your customer’s marketing preferences. It also allows you to store information related to that customer that shouldn’t appear on their main Contact record.


Great question! Having worked with the new object for the past couple of months I believe that you can certainly achieve the same level of functionality using field level permissions and even a custom object with a similar set of related fields.

However, having now developed the initial Individual object, I think it’s reasonable to assume that further enhancements will be added to it in future. If you are currently reviewing your security and data privacy model this may be the time to be an early adopter of this new object so that your ORG is more aligned to future enhancements.

How do I activate it?

Go to

  • Admin setup menu
  • Company Settings
  • Data protection and Privacy
  • Tick Make data protection details available in records

Activating the Data Protection option

Once the object is active, it can be configured in the same way as any custom object.

What do you think?

Have you enabled the Individual Object for your ORG?

If not, have you deployed a custom object or found another way to store your detailed marketing and sensitive information preferences? I’d be really interested in hearing what other approaches people have taken.

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