Salesforce Consultancy


Salesforce is a very powerful system, with a huge amount of potential for all types of business.

However, most customers need to make changes to the default/out of the box configuration to really get the most of their Salesforce installation. These customisations help make Salesforce a key part of your business.

That’s where Cloud Ursa, as a registered Salesforce Partner company, can help.

What services does Cloud Ursa offer?

Customising a Salesforce environment to fully meet your needs could include a wide range of cosmetic or functional changes. It could also include end user training, coaching for senior management, or other forms of support.

For each new customer project, we take the time to meet you, understand your requirements fully, and document your business objectives. We can then offer you a bespoke package of changes to meet those objectives.

It all starts with an initial conversation, so please Contact Us today.

Typical Activities

Some of the recent changes that customers have asked us to make included:

  • Changing Layouts on pages to make them easier to navigate
  • Changing Labels of fields to make them easier to understand and encourage completion of key data fields
  • Changing Images/Icons of Salesforce Objects to match company branding
  • Changing Fields on pages to capture key business process information

Some of the recent functional changes we have made for recent customers include:

  • Installing new add-on software to expand the functionality of Salesforce within the business
  • Creating new customisations using Salesforce’s programming languages.
  • These extensions can allow Salesforce to communicate with other key systems, generate emails, synchronise with other databases and much more.
  • Creating new automated processes using Salesforce tools such as Process Builder, or Workflow.
  • These can be used to automatically highlight urgent service cases, notify key managers of high priority issues, and alert the sales team of potential important new deals.