RingsTrue Scheduling

Scheduling RingsTrue

After installing RingsTrue and adding any required fields to the page it is time to decide when RingsTrue should run in the background to validate phone numbers.

We offer a few different supported ways of automatically scheduling RingsTrue

Schedule Page of RingsTrue app

The homepage of the RingsTrue app offers a few options for scheduling when the app should run.

To schedule the app via the homepage:

  • Navigate to the Homepage
  • Scroll down to the Configuration Section
  • Choose the Objects that you want RingsTrue to check
  • Enter the required frequency settings
  • Click Schedule Next Run when you are ready to queue future runs


RingsTrue homepage

Process Builder

Process Builder can be utilised to check the telephone data each time a record is either created or edited.

To call RingsTrue via Process Builder we recommend activating the Process Builder actions that we include in our package.

  • Navigate to the setup menu
  • Go to Process Builder
  • Open one of the packaged Process Builders (getAccountPhoneVerified, getContactPhoneVerified, or getLeadPhoneVerified)
  • Active the Process


You may also want to add RingsTrue to another Process Builder that you may also be using. If this is the case, go to:

  • Setup menu
  • Open Process Builder
  • Create or Open the Process builder you want to embed RingsTrue in to
  • Confirm whether the Process Builder should run on create, or create/edit
  • Add an action to the Process Builder
  • Choose Apex as the type
  • Select Apex Class: VerificationOfPhoneNumber
  • Add a record type variable and pass in the record ID of the record you would like RingsTrue to check

Scheduled Apex

If you need more control of when RingsTrue is going to run you can used Scheduled Apex to control exactly when the telephone numbers are checked.
  • Go to Setup
  • Apex Classes
  • Click on Schedule Apex
  • Enter a Job Name
  • Select Apex Class: PhoneVerificationBatch
  • Choose the days/times required
Scheduling Apex to run via Apex Class screen
Entering details of new Apex Scheduled Job
Saving the details for the new Scheduled Job

 Apex Trigger

Please contact us if you would like to call RingsTrue via Apex Trigger. 

Our support team will assist you with the code required to call RingsTrue via Apex Trigger.