RingsTrue Overview


A Typical Day

Imagine this scenario.

You’ve got a busy day of sales calls ahead of you. You’ve spent time lining up all of the Leads that you need to call.

So, you go to the first record and open it up before making the first call.


There's a problem

You look at the number of the first Lead, Ms Jane Eyre. Her telephone number has been captured as 033-567-876. You say to yourself ‘that doesn’t look right’ but try dialling the number anyway.

A new Lead arrives in your call list with an incorrect phone number.

You get a dead ring tone so you amend it slightly. Maybe there’s a digit missing, so you try 033-567-8766.

The phone rings, someone picks up and you ask to speak to ‘Ms Jane Eyre’.

It’s the wrong number. Do you try again with another alteration to the number or move onto the next Lead?

Surely, there’s got to be a better way?

Guessing the Lead's correct number
RingsTrue Icon

Installation Guide


Your production/sandbox environment should have Email Deliverability turned on before your install RingsTrue. The package sends an email each time it runs so it needs this access.

To check email settings go to the Setup menu and type in Deliverability. Please change the setting to any other setting than ‘No Access’.

Change Deliverability to either System email or All Email
Visit the AppExchange

Visit RingsTrue for Salesforce’s page on the Salesforce Appexchange and click ‘Get It Now’. Then, log into the AppExchange with your Salesforce username and password.


Choose to either Install in production or Install in sandbox as appropriate.

Select the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions box.

Click Confirm and Install.

Select either your production or sandbox environment for installation


Log into your Salesforce account with your normal username and password.

Select Users

Select ‘Install for All Users’.

Configuration screen confirming that RingsTrue should be installed for all users

Click ‘Install’.

Grant 3rd Party Access

Select ‘Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites’ check box.

Click ‘Continue


The App will begin to install

Progress screen showing installation in progress

When the app has installed, Salesforce will send you an email. If you refresh the page you will also see this confirmation message.

Completion screen shows when app is successfully installed

Click ‘Done‘ to continue.

Then, in your Salesforce environment navigate to the ‘RingsTrue’ app in the launcher.

RingsTrue shortcut on the right hand app menu

You will then see the homepage of the app and the RingsTrue configuration menu.

RingsTrue app homepage

From this screen you can either schedule RingsTrue to run regularly via the scheduling area of configuration or complete a one-off cleanup of your telephone numbers.

Running RingsTrue


To run a one off cleanup of telephone numbers
  • Choose ‘Basic’ mode to clean all phone fields on Leads, Accounts, and Contacts
  • Choose ‘Advanced’ mode if you would like to only run RingsTrue on one specified Object.


To schedule RingsTrue to run regularly navigate down to the ‘RingsTrue Schedule’ section of the screen.

From here, choose whether you would like RingsTrue to run Weekly or Monthly. Depending on your selection, then choose either the day of the week or the day/time in the month it should run.

We have a lot more options for scheduling RingsTrue. Please visit this page to learn more about scheduling.

RingsTrue scheduling configuration

Change Page Layouts

RingsTrue contains a number of fields which you can add in to any existing page layout that you wish. Alternatively, you can assign the RingsTrue layout that is included in our package to your Salesforce users.

Here’s a brief overview of the fields that you can add.

RingsTrue Status (Formula/Image)

This field is useful for showing users whether the phone number is correct. We recommend placing it nearest the telephone numbers on the account.

RingsTrue Status (Picklist)

This picklist field is automatically set to All Numbers Verified, Partially Verified, No Verified Numbers, No Entered Numbers.

RingsTrue Last Review (Date Field)

Date that the system last checked this record’s telephone numbers.

RingsTrue Verified (Checkbox)

Checkbox that is set automatically to True when all numbers are verified.

You could of course put all of these fields together in a custom section on your page if you wanted to.

RingsTrue fields all grouped together in a new section called RingsTrue


RingsTrue Logs show you clearly what edits have been made to the telephone numbers on the record.

RingsTrue Logs related list shows the changes that have been made to the telephone numbers

Is That Everything?

After these simple steps you are fully up and running with RingsTrue. In the background, all of your telephone numbers in Salesforce are being formatted and validated.

You can see the results of each RingsTrue run by navigating to the ‘RingsTrue Summaries’ tab.