IT Diagnostic Clinic


Information Technology is changing fast. It seems that new ‘buzz words’ and new acronyms are created daily which can lead to confusion for any business evaluating the current state of the market and identifying where their particular business places itself. At Cloud Ursa we are excited to work on the latest technologies every day. Our new diagnostic service has been created to help “your” business understand the newest developments specifically focusing on your current challenges and needs. Here are some of the questions that your business might have on Information Technology:
  • Do I need a Customer Relationship System (CRM) system?
  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • Should I move all of my data to the Cloud?
  • Are we using Social Media in the best way
Taking Stock

Running your own business can be extremely demanding and it is highly likely that you haven’t got the time to keep up to date with all of the latest trends and developments.

This is where we can help you!

A Non Technical Overview

We are now offering a new diagnostic service for businesses just like yours.

As part of our diagnostic service, we will meet with you, understand your current processes and customers, then help you to take stock of your current I.T setup. We will help you identify any areas for improvement and make recommendations on any new systems/upgrades/replacements that could help your business achieve better results.


The Diagnostic

We will arrange to meet you at your premises (or a mutually convenient time for a conference/screen sharing phone call).

During the visit/call, we will run through a set of questions with you regarding your current technology setup and understand your requirements/ideas for new functionality.

We’ll find out what aspects of your Information Technology you’d like to improve and how you would like to serve your customers better.

We’ll then take all of that input and start researching recommendations for you.

Each diagnostic visit is followed up with a bespoke report, created just for your business, and completely aligned to your circumstances.

This report will review your current systems and technologies, highlighting areas for improvement where observed.

We’ll provide advice and recommendations on providers, costs, installation complexity, and anticipated output for any new technology we list. 

The Report


We charge a fee for the diagnostic to both cover our time and to assure you that our feedback and our recommendations are completely impartial.

Our diagnostic report costs:

£250 + VAT


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