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“Implementation of Ringstrue helped us on a few fronts
Marshall Lawlor
Product Owner

Contact information reliability

The outbreak of the Coronavirus emphasised the need for accurate contact information within the Manta Directory, particularly the ability to label/test a phone number as being landline or mobile/cell.

RingsTrue showing number status on Contact record

With so many companies switching to remote working, cell phone contact grew dramatically on the site. This prompted Manta Product Owner, Marshall Lawlor to request a demonstration of RingsTrue with a view to:

  • Check and validate the contact information within Salesforce to increase connection rate on outbound calls
  • Highlight the cell/mobile phone field for each customer listed within Salesforce.

Using RingsTrue

After seeing an initial demonstration of RingsTrue, Manta signed up and started a real-time telephone validation service on their directory listings.

The cleanup, formatting, and validation of the phone numbers was immediately beneficial to the organization.

However, RingsTrue also showed an additional aspect of the Manta service. They quickly found that the business outbound number had been marked as spam by certain carriers.

"One of the primary outbound numbers we had acquired was flagged as spam and mobile users were able to see that from their carrier / mobile OS. We are now getting that fixed" - Lawlor says.
RingsTrue details on record

We are delighted that Manta have selected RingsTrue for telephony validation within Salesforce.

Please get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.