Contact phone number intelligence during COVID-19 working

We hope all customers and suppliers are well and working through all of the challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic is giving us every day.

This is just a short blog post to describe how 2 recent customers selected RingsTrue to:

a) help with their shift to remote working

b) improve connection rates for calls made to employees and customers

Phone Type Intelligence

Since version 1.213 of our application we have offered a few options to help determine what type of phone number you have stored against a particular record in Salesforce.

Our app now confirms whether the number that is stored in the Mobile Phone field is actually a valid wireless/cellphone number.

Screenshot showing phone type verification results

RingsTrue also alerts you if the number entered in the Mobile Phone field is not a mobile/cellphone. If there is a valid number on the record (in one of the other phone fields for example), we can automatically copy the verified mobile number to a field called RingsTrue Mobile Verified.

Why is this useful?

  • For a business where suddenly all employees are working remotely it is useful to confirm which phone number is a working mobile number.

  • For any outbound sales & marketing organisations, you may prefer to call customer contacts on their cellphone first (as they may also be working remotely)

  • For any key organisations sending SMS updates/information, it is vital to ensure that the Mobile Phone field is actually a mobile
Screenshot showing mobile phone verification in action

In the example above we see that a customer has entered their office number into the Mobile section. RingsTrue has alerted the user that the ‘Mobile number not valid mobile‘ and has populated the verified mobile number into a separate field called ‘RingsTrue Mobile Verified‘. 

We also have options to automatically swap the mobile number into the correct location as well.

Get in touch

Please contact us if phone number intelligence is something that would benefit your organisation at this time. 

If you are an organisation under additional pressure due to COVID-19 we will help you wherever possible with your phone validation and formatting challenges at this difficult time.

Thank you