How to become a better Salesforce Administrator

I recently had the opportunity to write an article for the Mason Frank blog. Here’s a quick summary below and a link to read the full article.

How to become a better Salesforce Administrator

  • Here are some simple questions to get you thinking about your success with Salesforce:
  • How do you benchmark your work against other industries/businesses?

How do you go about measuring your Salesforce administration performance?

Those are big questions to start out a blog post with.

Salesforce is a large-scale, complex system. There are multiple clouds/editions/apps and other add-ons to navigate and countless ways of configuring the system. Customers use Salesforce across multiple sectors/industries and in companies all around the world.

No two Salesforce setups I have worked on have ever been exactly the same. That then prompts the question.

With such a complex ecosystem, how can you as the Salesforce Administrator know whether things are going well or not?

To try and answer this, I thought I’d share a few of the methods, behaviors, and ways of working that I’ve seen when working with multiple Salesforce customers over the years.

As an independent Salesforce consultant, I’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of diverse project teams across different companies with different cultures and values.

It’s my hope that some of this experience might be of use to help you gauge your own level of Salesforce admin performance at your organization.

Please find the full article here: